Nikon Aculon T01 Review

Here is our exclusive Nikon Aculon T01 binocular review for you. We all know the great reputation of Nikon in the arena of cameras and binoculars. They’ve produced so many binoculars over the years which were efficient, useful and durable.They’ve produced binoculars for different purposes.

So when it comes to hunting binoculars, Nikon didn’t let us down. They’ve also produced some excellent hunting binoculars. Nikon aculon t01 Hunting Binocular is one of them. Let’s check that out.

Nikon aculon t01 Review

Features of the Nikon Aculon T01 Binocular

The Nikon aculon t01 Hunting Binocular is a perfect hunting binocular with some amazing useful hunting features, durability and also the portability. Let’s have a closer look to its features.

Exterior and Design

The Nikon aculon t01 Hunting Binocular has an amazing design which is very unique. The black color gives it a very premium look. It’s a very lightweight binocular which is very easy to carry around.

The compact size and the rubber coating make it easier to grip. It weighs only 2.4 pounds. It has a durable chassis which is fog and water resistant. In terms of exterior and design, the Nikon Nikon aculon t01 Hunting Binocular is just excellent.

Optics, Lens and Image quality

The Nikon 8218 Trailblazer 10×42 Hunting Binocular gives you spectacular viewing experience while hunting. The eco glass lenses are lead and arsenic free.

It has a very wide field of view which is a must in hunting binoculars. It also has a relatively long eye relief for comfortable viewing. The 10x magnification along with 42 mm objectives are perfect at their jobs.

The excellent optics of this binocular ensures you an amazing and satisfying viewing experience while hunting.


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Feature at a Glance

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Decent design
  • Water and fog resistant
  • Fully rubber armored
  • 42 mm objectives with 10x magnification
  • Relative brightness of 6.3
  • Eye relief of 10 mm
  • Objective diameter of 25 mm
  • FOV of 342 feet at 1000 yards

Pros and Cons

As we’ve covered the basic features of the Nikon aculon t01 Hunting Binocular, now it’s time to talk about the pros and cons of this product. Without proper knowledge of all the upsides and the downsides of a particular product, it’s not possible to make the perfect decision. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons.

What We Liked:

  • Arsenic and lead free optics
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water and fog resistant
  • Wide field of view
  • Clear, sharp and vibrant viewing experience
  • Good looking design
  • Reasonable price
  • Premium lifetime warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The lens caps on the eye relief are bit of an issue
  • No harness included

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that we’ve almost finished our review of the Nikon 8218 Trailblazer 10×42 Hunting Binocular, it’s time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions of yours regarding this product. So let’s get right on to it.

Q: What are the dimensions of this binocular?
A: The dimensions are 4.1 x 1.8 x 4.5 inches.

Q: Can it be folded?
A: Yes, it can be easily folded for a medium size pocket.

Q: What’s the weight of it?
A: It weighs only 2.4 pounds.


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The Final Verdict

No doubt, the Nikon 8218 Trailblazer 10×42 Hunting Binocular is an excellent choice for any type of hunting. It not only has the useful features for hunting, but it also has durability and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It also comes in a reasonable price and offers the premium lifetime warranty. So if you’re looking for the best hinting binocular available in the market right now, then you should definitely check this one out.

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